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Our work

Our work covers four areas: fun, engage, achieve and faith. Our drop-in, open access youth clubs, trips and holiday activities, all of which are fun and accessible, build social skills and self-esteem. We also help young people to achieve by supporting them to remain in and benefit from formal education and we engage them though various initiatives that positively enhance their life chances. As a Christian charity, we give young people the opportunity, if they wish, to explore faith and spirituality.

What we do


Youth clubs: Rock Solid Wednesdays and Thursdays (ages 7-18)



Improving attitude and achievement at school of those with below average attendance and self-esteem issues.


Young people choose and develop projects/group work, some with accredited outcomes that help employability.



Weekly clubs for ages 7 to 14 years, plus bible study group for 14-18.

Our funders