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Volunteer and help empower the young


If you live in Southampton and can spare an hour a week, please join us and help run our youth clubs for some of the city’s most disadvantaged youngsters (March 2019).

We host fun drop-in, open access clubs, trips and holiday activities, designed to help build children’s social skills and self-esteem.

Our Project Manager, Libbi Hammond, who is based at our offices at The Venny at Weston Adventure Playground (WAP), explains: “As a non-profit organisation, we have to raise all our own funds to do our work and staffing is our main cost.

“We always value any skills that people can offer us, so anyone who wants to support a good cause, helping some of the most disadvantaged young people, would be very welcome!

“We would particularly value those with youth work skills who could help staff our youth clubs, as well as people with administrative or fundraising experience too. We will provide training and complete all the necessary DBS and reference checks as well.”

We’re an inclusive charity that enables, encourages and equips the young people of Weston to live life to the full and to contribute to their wider community.

Our neighbourhood-rooted, non-profit organisation works with some of the most disadvantaged youngsters in the area and we’re passionate about empowering young people, and giving them opportunities that will impact on their lives now and in the future.

“We are always seeking more helpers, so if you can spare an hour a week to come and join our team, we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to get to know us, please feel free to pop in to any of our open-access clubs or please give us a ring on 07833 610385, visit www.wcyp.org, or come and see us at our office.”

Our Rock Solid clubs are held on Thursday and Friday evenings for ages from seven years to 18 and give young people the chance to meet outside of school in a safe and fun environment, or to hang out and spend time together and take part in a variety of activities.

“It’s well-known that those who give their time freely to help others are vital to the charities they assist, but, also, people are realising that helping out charities like ours can also bring many positive benefits to themselves too.

“There have been many published research papers to say volunteering can make you happier, healthier and give your career a boost. The NHS even says on its website that taking time out to help others can help you live longer, stay fit and enable you to cope better with illness.

“Also, whether you’re a student, someone wishing to swap careers or you’re in between jobs, there are plenty of good reasons why becoming a volunteer can be beneficial to you. It boosts your CV, gives you opportunities to meet new people and expand your network. It also helps you clarify your career goals, while gaining new skills or refining the ones you already have, and it boosts confidence levels.”

Anyone wishing to volunteer or find out more about our work, should call or text us on 07833 610385.

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