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Spotlight on Maddie


We thought it'd be nice to share something from the point of view of a WCYP member, so we'd like to introduce you to: Maddie! We had a lovely chat with Maddie on the phone the other day about her experiences with WCYP and how she's finding lockdown.

Maddie, you've been coming along to WCYP for years! Do you remember the first thing you got involved in and when?

I came along to Secret Agents, a kids club on a Thursday afternoon when I was about 5!

On a typical week what WCYP activities would you attend?

I usually go to Speedy Tuesday (after school Faith group), help at Rock Solid as a young leader on a Thursday, Friday Rock Solid, Saturday morning Take Away, and Youth Service!


Maddie (right) and friends at the Youth Service


Have you got any favourite memories of WCYP?

When we went to Fairthorne Manor weekend residential a couple of years ago, all the activities were amazing. We were doing paddleboarding, the guy asked if anyone could do a roly poly, Libbi got told to do it, she looked so confident in her wetsuit and everything so we all thought she could do it, and she fell off! But then I managed to do it and didn't fall off! That was such a funny trip!

How are you finding the current lockdown situation?

I'm finding it a bit boring, I can't go and see my friends, I'm a social person and like being around other people, so its weird. But I've been speaking to a friend on the phone lots, we were saying about how its doing the environment good, so there's less rubbish around, less rubbish going in the sea, there’s more chance for plants to grow without people getting in the way. I go through the woods when I go outside for exercise and see how nature is doing really well and growing, I love seeing the flowers blooming, the wildlife. That’s really lovely and cheers me up! I also have a big garden and play out there a lot with my little brothers. With my closest friend I've been watching shows together, chatting on the phone, so that keeps us connected.

Maddie as a young leader at a Family Fun Day at the Venny.


When things are back to normal, what are you most looking forward to?

Sleepovers with my friends!! Staying up all night watching films with friends is my happy place!

 Maddie on a Summer camp with WCYP


Is there anything you’d like to see WCYP doing differently once we are open again?

I’d love us to focus more on nature, maybe at Rock Solid we could do more gardening, giving people a role like watering plants and maintaining growing things. But really I don't want it to change, I just can't wait to go back to a bit of normality, seeing people at Rock Solid and hanging out!

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