Saying goodbye to our treasurer
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Saying goodbye to our treasurer


Richard Boulter, our faithful treasurer for the past 6 years, is stepping down from his role this week and passing on the baton to one of our trustees.

We caught up with him to find out a bit about what it’s been like working behind the scenes for WCYP, how he spends the rest of his time and how he’s finding lockdown!

So Richard, when did you first get involved with WCYP?

In January 2014 I signed up to the role of voluntary treasurer, a role which was suggested would be only 4 hours a month plus meetings. This didn’t quite turn out to be accurate!

What did being a treasurer entail?

The role is overseeing the income and expenditure of the project, supporting and being involved with the Project Manager and staff, trying to find ways to make sure they have all the financial backing they need! Initially I worked alongside Jim who did all the bookkeeping, but then I took that on as well. It was lots of admin, spreadsheets, receipts, providing information for funding bids, paying invoices, expenses, pensions and salaries and importantly, making sure all the bank statements match the books every month! 2 major parts of the work in my time were helping to set up the new pension scheme, and helping with all that was involved in WCYP becoming a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). I have to acknowledge how helpful and supportive the other trustees have been, in particular John Duncan, in authorising what must have been thousands of payments over the years.

That’s a lot of work! How do you spend your time when you’re not doing all that?

Well ordinarily I love spending time with my family, in particular looking after and seeing my grandchildren every week - before lockdown started of course. I enjoy going to church and playing bass guitar, I love walking and gardening too. And spending time with my wife Mary, who I have to say a big thank you to, for all her support as I’ve done this work.

So life must look a bit different to that now! How are you finding lockdown life?

Well, like most people, very difficult. There’s an awareness that things might not ever be the same again, but I’m hoping that society generally will in fact improve in the way we deal and treat each other, appreciating people more, not only key workers and the NHS but the people around us. We really do work best when we work together and realise we’re part of something bigger.

Richard with some of the trustees including John Duncan


So now that you’re handing over the baton as it were, do you have any hopes for the future of WCYP?

It is a very strange time at the moment but I hope in the future that the Youth Project continues to grow, affect the lives of more and more children in the Weston area, and I just pray it has continued success in transforming lives!

We will greatly miss you, Richard, and all you have contributed to the team here. Thank you again!

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