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One day at a time!


I don’t know about you, but the current situation with the coronavirus and all of the related restrictions has left us feeling a bit unsettled. Most of us aren’t at school or college and many aren’t able to work, and our day to day lives feel very different. Even if we are able to get out of the house, we are avoiding and distancing from everyone we see! What makes it harder is the uncertainty… We’re all wondering ‘when will life go back to normal?’ Each day can feel really long and we can lose track of time a bit.

Something I’ve been hearing a lot (and saying to myself and my family!) is ‘One day at a time!’ Getting through the day ahead, and even finding the positives in it as we talked about in our last post, might be enough to think about for now!

So how can we fill a day when all of our usual activities aren’t going on?

Here are some fab suggestions from some of our young people I’ve been speaking to:

“I have a bit of a routine! I don't always follow it exactly but I have a set time to get up everyday so I don't sleep the day away, freshen up, get dressed, have a stretch and breakfast and then go for a run /cycle. Then read for a bit and listen to music or worship. Do some school work if you're that bored, do some exercise then have lunch. After lunch do something that is fun, like a hobby, drawing, painting, gardening etc. Spend some time in the garden, appreciate the lovely sun we're getting! Then have some free time before dinner to watch a show or have a nap, have dinner and then spend some quality time with family, then have some winding down time before bed. Have a set bedtime so you don’t go completely nocturnal!”

“I’m making a scrapbook of memories of my friends from school that I’m missing. I ordered some photos off my phone with freeprints and now I’m putting it all together into a scrapbook, its relaxing and I can keep it forever and look back at all the memories.”

“I’m just keeping myself occupied by doing something, like having a laugh and spending time with my family. I facetime and do zoom chats with friends and family so we can all keep in touch and see each others faces!”

"I've started playing the guitar much more.. i've got one and used to try and play a bit but never had the time to get any good. Now I'm picking it up much more and enjoying it!"

“Lots of reading, lots of long phone calls and worship music.”

Have you got any other good ideas to share?

We’re all getting into our own rhythms but be assured that wherever we are and whatever is going on, life will one day return to normal! We will be so excited to open the doors for Rock Solid again and see all your lovely faces 🙂

In the mean time, take care!

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