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Meet Charlotte!


Hey guys!
My name is Charlotte and I have recently joined Weston Church Youth Project as the Youth Activities Co-ordinator. I’m in charge of our fun sessions we have at WCYP but I’ll talk more about what that means in a little bit.

I live with my parents and my brother in a village called Stubbington which is also where I grew up.

I’m very sporty and creative. The 2 main sports I enjoy are netball and spikeball (if you’ve never heard of spikeball it’s a great beach game), I love the fun and competition that sport brings. On the creative side, I enjoy graphic design and photography.

I recently got back from being in Australia for about 3 years where I was both studying and volunteering in different sports and social media teams. Being with this organisation allowed me to travel to other remote places in the world to help different communities in need and meet many different young people to then run sports events for them, perform drama skits and more. Also, before this, I was able to work at an outdoor activity centre in delivering different fun activities to all ages of children and young people.

It is through my work in Australia, the activity centre, and a lot of other volunteer work, that I have found a passion for working with kids and young people.
At WCYP I’ll be running our fun sessions including Rock Solid, planning different trips and residentials, being involved in the mentoring scheme and more.
I’m super excited to be a part of WCYP and to meet you all so don’t be shy come and say hi!

If you have any questions about me, any groups/sessions I’m involved in or want to know more about anything please drop me an email at ?

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