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Great News For Resilient Kids



We have recently had great news for our Resilient Kids Group. Thanks to The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation and The Co-Op Community Fund we will be able to restart the group in January.
Over the last three years Resilient Kids has helped many children to grow in confidence and resilience. Our previous members have enjoyed the benefits of attending a term time club at the venny where they have been able to explore ways to become more resilient in a safe family type atmosphere. They have done this weekly through discussion, games, craft, drama, cooking, bike rides and trips out. We have also enjoyed visits from some inspirational speakers who are doing great things in the community.
All of the activities aimed at helping the children to develop positive attitudes and to a positive, healthy approach to life.
One of the most important features of the group is the way the children support and encourage each other and the success of that can be seen by some of their feedback at the end of the course. Here are just a few of the comments:

‘This course is amazing. It has helped me feel confident because before I was always doubting myself and my personality. Since being in the group I feel proud of who I am’

‘The course is great because the leaders have helped me move on from sad to feeling amazing'

'Before I started the course I wouldn’t speak. Now I love to talk and make friends’

'I used to be shy and mad a lot of the time. Now I am happy'

'The course is excellent. My behaviour used to be bad but that has changed whilst I have been on the course. It has helped me become more confident and more vocal. I engage with people more'

We were particularly proud of two of our children who won awards from the school at the end of the school year. One was for ‘Most improved attitude to learning’ and the other for ‘Most improved resilience’


We are looking forward to January and the start of a new course. If you would like to support the future of this group please consider making Weston Church Youth Project your chosen local cause at the Co-Op.

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