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Are you comfortable?


When you hear the word ‘comfort’ what do you think of? Andrex toilet paper, freshly washed bed sheets, relaxing on the sofa with a duvet a hot drink and a good movie.

We all love a bit of comfort in life it makes us feel secure and safe, it gives us a sense of peace and rest in our minds. The thing is with being comfortable is that it’s predictable and it doesn’t require much stretching or going outside of our ‘comfort zone’, what if our love of comfort is stopping us experiencing the excitement and thrill of life and being outside of the comfort zone?!

I once heard someone say, “do one thing every day that scares you”. In other words, step out of your comfort zone once a day, do something that give you butterflies. This is something I try to do because I know it will be good for me to grow, I have found that I am alive outside of the comfort zone, it gives me a sense of achievement and I feel energised and excited to try it again.

It’s like lifting weights or exercise, you must lift more or run further than you have before to be able to grow in your ability. If I only ever lift 20kg or only ever run 3km then my body would get very used to that amount of weight or distance and I would become very comfortable in that area. In order to grow I would need to up my game to 30kg or 5km do get the most out of my workout. Life is very much the same.

Maybe for you stepping outside of the comfort zone is smiling at a lonely person, complimenting a friend, trying something new like a sport, a youth club or different food. It may be something bigger like applying for a job/new job, asking someone out on a date or standing up for a worthy cause.

Challenge to take away- do something today that scares you!

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