‘Being a young leader has helped me to grow in confidence and self-esteem, I used to sit in the corner on my own a lot but now being a young leader I am outgoing it has helped me find more life.’ – Ronnie age 13

‘I filled out a progress evaluation sheet and I realised that a lot has changed because I’ve been working with my mentor’ Adey – age 12

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As more specific needs are identified, young people are involved in choosing and developing short- term projects, or referred to group work to meet them. The projects can have accredited outcomes helping to improve employability.

Current Engage programmes:

Mentoring – an opportunity to get some one-to-one support from a youth leader (generally through referrals)

Confident Kids – a 6 week course run by Debbie based at Weston Park Primary

Workshop Wednesday – a chance to dig deeper into some of the issues facing young people today – look out for more information from Dean or Jenni

Projects – a chance to learn a new skill or gain a qualification!

Resilient Kids – (referral only) A group run after school on a Tuesday to build resilience for those aged 5-11

Young Leaders – those aged 13+ can volunteer with our 7-11s at Rock Solid Thursday or on Trips

Hear Me Out – our youth forum